Artisan pepper jams and jellies made with love


All of our products have been carefully crafted using care with the selection of all ingredients, and paying close attention to the processing of said ingredients.  We also listen carefully to feedback from family, friends, customers and each other.

Red Pepper – Smoky, tangy, sweet, and spicy accompanied by the pepper

Hatch Pepper – Tangy, hot, sweet and smoky

Blackberry Lavender – Wonderful, sweet berry flavor enhanced by English Lavender and Lemon

Blueberry Rosemary – Light, tart and sweet, with an earthiness from the herbs

Peach-Mango – Fresh peach flavor aided by the subtlety of the mango plus the heat from the pepper

Pineapple – Great served over freshly chopped watermelon

Raspberry – Sweet berries rounded out with a nice peppery bite

Strawberry – Buttery smoothness, with heat and a secret spice

Pomegranate – Sweet, tart and hot with a hint of citrus

Jalapeno Relish – Sweet relish with plenty of heat

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